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Latest Series: AIKA

walking in Barcelona

It was very hot day in August 2023. We were chatting and having fun with Aika. I love to take photos in a relaxed atmosphere, and enjoying spending these happy moments with my models. 

Photoshoot in Barcelona


Headshots in Barcelona
walking in Barcelona
walking in Barcelona

Dana, you are the best! The pictures look as if they were from some fancy photoshoot in a huge magazine, while the price is really affordable. Also, it’s a pleasure to work with you as you help to open up and enjoy the process, which makes the final outcome even better. Great job and keep it up!:)


Being in front of the camera for Dana is an easy and enjoyable experience. She gives direction gently and naturally, and her photography is consistently high quality. Strongly recommended.

There are easy going people with whom you feel free yourself from the first minute of a meet. It’s very important to be on a shooting yourself. So on the shooting with Dana you forget that a lens is following you. Her imagination is out of any boundaries. Her ability to see the most unexpected locations is exciting and amazing. She’s able to do in one location a series of unique stories – this is unique quality. At last I must say that she is taking not just photo, she is revealing a state of your mind, sooooo be ready for it

Dana I have seen many people with fancy cameras like yours, but you clearly show that the photographer is the key, not the camera! A professional. Thanks so much 🙂

Working with Dana was awesome. She’s super professional and has a really cool vibe. She made me feel really comfortable especially since I am super awkward when it comes to having my picture taken. She offered guidance and made me feel beautiful. She literally captured the best photo taken of me in my entire life (my mom shows that photo off when she talks about me to new people). Thank you, Dana for being such a cool chick and letting me play model for the day. You’re amazing.

For my 47th birthday I didn’t want a big party, a fancy dinner, or an expensive getaway. I only wanted to do one thing and that was to walk my dog in Barcelona’s city center- IN DRAG and to have the day recorded through photos. I knew my photographer had to be bold, daring and unafraid of the challenges a drag queen gets at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, in one of the busiest parts of one of the most touristic cities in Europe. After seeing Dana’s body of work I knew I had to ask her. She was just as excited as I was about the project. From the moment my heel hit the cement and her camera came up to shoot, I felt comfortable and knew we would have an amazing day! Even after her first 4 frames she was calling me over to see how incredible one of the photos was. Her motivational attitude and eagerness made the day go by so quickly. And if you take a look at the results she posted, you will see just how amazing our day was. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for professionalism and excellence. The attached photo is one of my favorite shots of the day. THANK YOU Dana!!

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Barcelona, Spain

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